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The Process

Over the course of several months, the Polias team set out to create a moment on the western side of the project that signaled a new experience for Athens. A large concrete wall was needed in this redevelopment and it created an opportunity for this arrival zone to be layered with texture and visual interest. After numerous concepts, the idea of offering Beechwood to Athens as it's functional town center, a gathering space for small moments and big events, became the theme that fit best.

The result is a wall assembled of many different shaped pieces with each their own role to play. Beechwood becomes the backdrop for each neighborhood with all its history and uniqueness, the tiles themselves are fabricated of steel designed for it's finish to rust naturally over time. As the steel rusts into its variations of amber and golden brown, each neighborhood will retain it's shine and lift to the foreground with each month that goes by.

Finished Installation