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The name Polias has its roots in the name sake of our city, Athena Polias.

In Greek mythology, Athena Polias was committed to the city of Athens, its welfare and flourishing. In that spirit, Polias has patterned its specific skills & assets with the same goals. Our projects take the long view over short-lived gains and value transformation over transactions.

Athens is a unique place in its geography, demographics, and culture in a way that truly sets it apart from other towns in the region. With every development comes the opportunity to build something that has lasting value for ourselves and this city.
While some development models focus on short-term gains, we believe taking the long-view and investing in transforming uncared for properties creates a sustained and exponential value.
Having lived in Athens for the majority of our lives gives us a unique understanding of where Athens has been, the changes that seem to be coming, and perspective of the community. We believe this uniquely positions us to transform strategic real estate in Athens unlike anyone else.

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